High Court Act

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The High Court Act is a Liberalian law.

[edit] The Bill

"High Court Act Clause 1. The High Court of Liberalia will be overseen by the Guardians, who will serve as judges. In accordance with the rules regarding the Guardian Council, two members of the council must be elected. Therefore, two of the judges will be elected officials.

Clause 2. The High Court will decide whether or not a nation is guilty by majority. This will also apply in deciding the severity of a sentence. If it is found that for any reason a judge has abused their power or has deliberately acted against justice, they will be removed both as a judge and a guardian, whether they are permanent or temporary member.

Clause 3: All Nations are innocent until proven guilty. They also have the inalienable right to appeal against their sentence.

Clause 4: It remains the responsibility of the Security Ministry to charge nations suspected of breaking the law. The Court may only summon those nations that have been charged.

Clause 5: All nations must give evidence to the Court, should it be asked of them. Not to do so will be illegal and may result in another trial."

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